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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Green, Green Glass of Home

It's actually Wednesday, despite what the header says, but the conversation is one I battle daily...

If the contents of my fridge could talk, they would scream, "Save us!" I am trying, really trying to do a better job.

I have way too much plastic in my fridge or used to, that is. Two of my 2012 New Year's resolutions were to use fewer paper towels and less plastic.

Paper towels are pretty much history but the plastic, specifically bags from greens and wrap, are still in use, although lots less and all "eco" plastic when I can find it. But seriously, plastic gives me the creeps...too risky, too many carcinogens waiting to leech out, and too wasteful.

I decided to find my solutions at garage sales...kind of a "green on green" approach. Here is some of the vintage and "repurposed" Pyrex I have found recently.

Greens, especially tender herbs, store really well in glass. Take a look at this wonderful cilantro from the farmers' market. This gorgeous bunch is from Little Rock Urban Farming and it is fabulous! The flavor is a taste trip and looks like not one leaf will go to waste...

Also, I have decided to repackage my granola in glass and my customers really seem to like the switch. It's going to be fun to dress up those jars with simple extras for holiday gifts, too, making them much prettier to give than those plastic tubs!

What are you doing to solve a problem with a greener answer? Whether it is to complete a New Year's resolution or not, do share!

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