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Abrazos! xox Penny

The Granola Bar

While waiting to see exactly what I am going to do on this page, I thought my sous-chef and line cooks needed a nod or pet or both. Here they are...

Sous Chef Chihuahua Stuart guards the secret recipes...note: he is in full alert, bark-ready and splayed finger mode. Watch out. Head Line Cook Annie is hoping some juicy morsel will fall in her line for a little snack and she is not thinking about granola or granola bars. In true terrier fashion, she is ready to pounce.

Meanwhile, Line Cook Terrier Lilly is off duty and on to thoughts and activities other than cooking. She is dreaming of life beyond the kitchen walls and readying herself for a snooze.

And, after a hard day, pictures of the team cutting a rug after work...

As well as taking photos of the sweet help, here are some photos of my work day making Natural State Granola Bars from their sweet, but not too sweet, start to healthy, chewy finish.

Mixing up the magical base

Will I be chocolate, pineapple or fruit or will I be just plain good?
 Que cera, cera!

Ready to go into the oven

Ready to eat!

And, taking Natural State Granola from its plain and pale origins to its gorgeous, delicious golden finish...with more than a few "secret" ingredients thrown into the mix.