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Friday, October 12, 2012

Beauties and The Beast

A couple of days ago, I got the cutest pictures of The Grand Ones. My grandson had a green drink mustache as bright and wide as his smile and my granddaughter was nibbling on a head of broccoli as fresh and sweet as her little face. Precious!

Then, my daughter sent me this picture of the scrumptious, all plant-based dinner she cooked...

And my son sent a picture of the gorgeous tomatoes he, his wife and friends canned...

Beauties all!

Last night I went to an emotional program on cancer and I had to keep all four of those images in mind. Cancer is not a beautiful subject. It is a beastly one. Sadly, it has affected so many of us, our families and friends. And so what I am going to say next is focusing on simple changes. I know many of you have complex situations you are dealing with, well beyond the scope of this blog. Hopefully, though, something here may help.

The topic last night addressed emerging findings that cancers are actually a collection of diseases and what we can do to strengthen ourselves and fight off these illnesses. And, if already fighting through cancer, what we can do now.

The answer goes back to the basics: detoxify, improve our immune systems and reduce inflammation. How we eat moving forward and nourish the cells we have today can be one of the frontline lifestyle warriors (along with exercise and stress management). In other words, fight with our forks, starting this very minute. That is a beautiful call to action!

Our best ammunition? Eating real food meals full of clean fruits and veggies, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts. Sip on good, clean water, green juices and tea, and a glass of organic wine and we will put our best bodies forward.

Please know all the recipes I post here have those goals and those goals are a major reason why I have shifted to a "plant strong" diet. My hope is that the "next generation of wellness" is here now and is actually full of people of all ages from my age and beyond to the very littlest ones.

Over the weekend, I plan to hit the farmers' markets and try out a few new plant-based recipes from a couple of new cookbooks. What will you be doing?

Let's blind this beast with our beauty!

Want to do it together? Just let me know!

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