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Abrazos! xox Penny

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tell it like it is, Barbra!

Barbra Streisand wrote a song about people like me, "People". People who need people...Goodness knows I do. Seriously, I do. Try as I might have to on occasions, I just know I can't do it alone. And, don't want to.

Over the weekend, I was delighted to catch up with some of my "peeps" here. While I missed connecting with my Farmers' Market buddies, I did catch up with Deb who, luckily was in town, and it was like a bucket spilling for both of us. "OMG, the time I've had!" We hadn't seen each other in months.

Good news, we each spilled it out on the table then helped each other clean it up. Phew! I know I feel better. More relaxed. Less alone. Lucky.

And so, on this Women and Wednesday, treat yourself to a little, laughter and companionship. And maybe, with a little more luck, Pad Thai, too!

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