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Friday, June 22, 2012

Poor baby

One of my pups has a tummy ache today and has been up since 5 a.m. Poor baby. Just pathetic when he is not feeling well. He can't cuddle close enough to Mom...glued right here by my side. Poor little fella.

All our pups are getting older and it is hard to watch at times. We have had quite a joyful collection over the years...all strays that luckily stumbled into our arms except one precious little guy we bought when we lived in Mexico. Just gems, absolute gems that filled and kept pieces of my heart...all of them. Kitties were gems, too. Grand-cat Roger is sooo sweet.

And so, here is a thought...maybe foraging this weekend you will find a pup and find a place in your heart and home for a new little one. If you do, you will find your life so well nourished!! Life with pets is a rich one indeed!

Here is a great article, "Recycled Dogs", about adopting a greyhound pup and a recipe from Natural Home for healthy pup treats. Our little ones are all mixed breeds, lots of terrier-ish genes with some chihuahua and including our Grand-dog, Allie, pit bull/bulldog thrown in. All do love a good treat.

Think I will wait on making those, though, until tummies are better. Along with Stubug who can't have anything to eat, I am also fasting due to an appointment with a new doctor (what a story that is!! Sheez!) and so food is not on my mind at all until later today. I will be using the link at the bottom of the post for my weekend food foraging...check it out and have a happy weekend!

Here is the link for bringing home the best this weekend, the eight "must buy" foods from the farmers' market: 8 to be great
Rodale also has some great and farm fresh for sure!

Wait until you see what I am doing with those carrots!! Delicious fun! Ox

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