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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crowd Control

While The End of the Day Bench (and now Park) is my new fave place to go and lift myself up over the hurdles of the day (given that I am miles and miles away from my beloved sea), I sense things could get a little crowded. Crowded with others itching to take over my space. No, not people, whom I would welcome...skeeters, that I don't! Lots of them and those darned "no see 'ems". Oh, they itch and hurt. Maybe I am just super sensitive to mosquitoes et al but they gotta go.

One of the fun finds in the 20 Year Wall of Stuff in my garage was this great magazine, Natural Home. I sense it was a little ahead of the green curve because it merged with another and still exists but under a different name. This issue from July/August 1999 is a treasure. Full of great articles on natural paint, all kinds of helpful info for greening up your home and wonder I had squirreled it away!

On this Women and Wednesday, I am going to put into practice their ideas for natural mosquito control. Natural Home suggests: a shaker filled with apple cider vinegar to sprinkle on arms and feet, eating garlic (yum!), citronella candles and peppermint oil, again to rub on arms and feet. I am going to try those out! You may want to try those, too, as safe, non-toxic alternatives to those nasty sprays, especially if you have little ones! Anyone else have a natural repellent to share?

Happy, non-itchy Women and Wednesday!

For more information, here is a great article to read...

Or look here: pesticide information for the article.

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