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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good Will Hunting

No, this is not about the movie of the same name, although it is one of my favorites. It is about the give and take of Goodwill, literally.

After cleaning up the garage and finding goods I had been hunting for (my dresser had been in the garage 15 years...don't even ask!!), it was apparent I had fallen out of love with a lot of stuff. I am very sentimental and it is hard for me to part with things. I dearly love the stories and memories but it was clearly time to part ways with some goods. I called Goodwill and we are delivering a load tomorrow. Here's hoping my stuff will bring joy to others.

Meanwhile, I "rebirthed" some things and they have an exciting new life ahead. I think the pc word is "repurposed".

Once it has gone through a major rejuvenation process, my great aunt's bedroom set will find new use in a bedroom upstairs and my, it sure looks good to me and will look even better after being spruced up. Can't wait!! I will take pictures of the process...should be fun!!

I also visited our local Goodwill store and found a dandy chair for the kitchen. There is a picture below complete with my little sous chef checking it out!

This Women and Wednesday, I am going to be thinking about give and take and how I am consuming and using my things. There is nothing greener than sharing! And, bringing beautiful worn things to a new life. Anything you have "rebirthed" recently?

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