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Monday, June 11, 2012

Bee hive

No, this is not a post about honey... but about the garage bee in my bonnet that wouldn't go away. After abandoning the sale idea, I got this "brilliant plan" in the middle of the night. Ever had one of those? By morning, I had convinced myself it was super brilliant and required immediate action. What was this plan of plans your curiosity asks? Clean the garage! And so we did.

For the first hour or so, it was fun. I had visions of the room upstairs I was going to convert into this dreamland bedroom. All I needed was some of the furniture nestled in the back corner of the garage. Oh, I could just see it happening!! That is, until we hit the wall...about 20 years of accumulated "stuff". From then on, the day dragged and dragged. Hours later, the deed was done and the prize furniture located and moved front and center.

This morning, I can hardly move. All my cells ache. I need a long tall cool one and found this in a delightful new cookbook. Tonight, I am going to turn off the dream machine. How about you...ever had a great idea in the middle of the night? How did that turn out for you? Ox

Here is the off the press!

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