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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Still smokin'

Normally, I don't post on Tuesdays but this can't wait...Oh, but before I start in, I am going to breathe in some fresh morning air and wish you Happy May Day!

While in New York for the arrival of those precious grandbabies, there was an afterbirth complication or two that required a specialist. We were sent to the top specialist in NYC and to top rated Mount Sinai Hospital. I was very impressed with the doctor, course of treatment and experience and so when I got the following report, it grabbed my attention.

I am still quite upset over the smoke screen (I felt it so) from L'Oreal's sustainability VP about lead and other additives in their products. (See April 16th post.) Remember that L'Oreal has 23 brands, the top 5 lead containing lipsticks tested by the E.P.A. and to my knowledge, does not source many (if any?) ingredients from organic, pesticide-free materials. Her comment that they were not bothered by the lead in their products because lead is everywhere and we really don't ingest lip products (tell that to a toddler) still has me choking on the smoke.

"Consumers have had it with the current system that tolerates cosmetics companies outright lying to consumers, putting dangerous chemicals in our products, and getting away with it"

-Lisa Archer, director of the
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics at the Breast Cancer Fund

While mine are spelled out here, you do need to form your own opinions about what is safe for your loved ones and what isn't, whether they have learning disabilities or not (the focus of the Mount Sinai report). When you do your own research, you will "own" this passionately, like I do, and really take it to heart. I don't want to "convince" you, only empower you to learn more. I think the following report also has significance for your pets as well. They certainly are getting a lot of human diseases. And, for adults, senior citizens and Alzheimer's. Let me know what you think about it and about the ABC News report at the end of this post!

Here is Mt. Sinai's report on the impact of the top 10 toxic chemicals:

I know that some of you reading this are already struggling with learning disabilities and illness in your families and my heart goes out to you. But, I think every day has good news for every body...there are new cells coming on board this very minute and every day we can learn something new to help our loved ones' overall well-being and feed them well with good clean food and good clean products..Just changing your food and products to what we talk about here will eliminate a good chunk of that top 10 list. That is what Our Green Table is all about! Is it always easy? No, It takes time, energy and commitment. But, L'Oreal had one thing right...WE ARE WORTH IT!!! 

Please let me know how I can help further! I can come talk to your family, co-workers, even throw a party for your pals. Inform. Empower.Party...sounds like good, clean fun to me! xoxoxo  

P.S. There was also an excellent piece on ABC News with Diane Sawyer last night about the issue of untested chemicals in cosmetics. Here is that link to the new report:

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