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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pass the Peace

In the month since I have been home, I have directly known a couple of people and several businesses that have been robbed and of a person who was murdered. The first day I was back, I was in Whole Foods and a "woman around town", in her Sunday Best, barged ahead of me in line, plopped herself in front of the checker and said, "I only have a few things." Never even acknowledged she had to practically run over me to get there. Later that same day, I heard a man exclaim, in public, in a very loud voice, "You stuck-up *****!"

Makes me sad, real sad. I don't know...what has happened to people? In this "Women and Wednesdays" post (also see note below), there are four ideas I have to share...none original and everyone's for the taking...                                                            

1. Cultivate kindness

2. Speak "kindness" out loud

3. Take a stand

4. Grab a hand and pass the peace

Note: also see yesterday's post below for the weekly Women and Wednesday's update on important health news.

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