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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sunny lessons...

This is a really unusual look for me...about as unusual as some of my Halloween garb. And, not just because I am holding the camera about 6 inches from my face! Although this moment in the sun lasted for just a few minutes, I felt perfectly happy and safe facing forward into the sunlight.

Mugging it up on Bootlegger's Alley

Here's why...I wear the best sunscreen in the planet...loaded with protection and as an extra benefit, made by women using some fair-traded ingredients! Life sustaining for everyone. And, the formula I use is free from harmful chemicals...really an accomplishment for sunscreens. 

When I returned home, it was spring in full bloom with sun power to match. As a skin cancer fighter who learned (and paid for!) my solar lessons a little too late, I now wear a sunscreen 365 days a year and used to get a little nervous as the sun warmed. Not any more. Before you turn your smiling face, or more, to the sun any season, sunscreen it!  Don't forget your feet, hands and ears! And your babies...please, let's raise a generation who asks, "What's skin cancer?" and gets an answer of "Ancient history, something your grandparents had!"

On this Women and Wednesdays, get sunkissed safely! Need a great sunscreen? Email me.

Then, follow this link for a short interview with Gladys Knight after her elimination from Dancing with the StarsLove it!! Listen to what her professional partner Tristan has to say about this radiant, sunny woman...a wonderful tribute to solar energy!!! No sunscreen allowed...absorb every ray from her! See link below.

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