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Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

It is officially Earth Day on Sunday, and to end this week back where we started on Monday, this was an important article for me to read and thought you might like to as well. The first 4 paragraphs are illuminating. Here is the article.

This weekend is a perfect time to reflect on the products you're putting on your skin every day, twice a day, day after day. And on the foods you eat and the people you hold hands with or listen to. This weekend, commit to taking charge of your own well-being which will also effect the well-being of Mother Earth and all her loved ones. Read labels, ask questions and spread the word! Let's turn those CDC statistics on their ear. Shorter, sicker lives for our children and their children? NO! Not on my watch. How about yours? Email me. I have tons of resources. 

A lovely menu for this weekend from my fave Dr. Barnard is here: Earth Day Menu

Share our commitment to make this weekend's celebrations a lifestyle! For "dinner and a movie" go see Bully (teachers, community and church leaders: please read yesterday's post for a special toolkit available) now showing in my hometown, too, or rent Food, Inc., Flow, Ken Burns:The National Parks orThe March of the Penquins. 

If your weekend is so full of Earth day activities and you only have time for snacking and a video clip, make our Green Shake (we hear it has taken over Vanderbilt by a green storm!) and watch this. CBS celebrated Walter Cronkite this week. Here is his broadcast to introduce the first Earth Day 1970.

We are the environment. Let's create a great one! xoxox

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