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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Little Movie That Could...

Start a conversation and create a new language!

You may think I am repeating myself due to age but I am not. I saw this yesterday from the director of the movie Bully and although I usually don't post on Thursday, wanted to share it immediately. I have spoken about this movie lots. As my son and his band partner wrote part of the soundtrack for it and the subject matter is dear to my heart, I am more attuned to this movie than most other films.

LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!! Now in 200 plus theaters nationwide, rated PG-13 and now also available to every teacher in the USA to use this movie to open up a dialogue with students and their families everywhere!

Picture from Bully website...Fill that theater!

Aren't people grand? Overall, I think so. As a kiddo, I had my share of insecurities: I stuttered terribly, was overweight, had years and years of acne and had circumstances where I felt it necessary to put up a smoke screen or two. Fortunately, I had a teacher at school who helped me and I was not among the 3 million children who are afraid to go to school every day, although some days, as a teen, when my face was really awful, I did stay home. As an adult, I also felt what it was like to not "belong" and at times, to have trouble standing up for myself. Luckily enough, I am resilient and always bounce back.

What about those who aren't and can't? Who are so beaten down they feel cornered, punched and bloodied against the ropes and who suffer such unfathomable physical and emotional pain? Their spirits so pulverized they believe more in what others say about them and do to them than in themselves. And, also, what about the bullies and other toxic people? How did they get that way and what can we do to help?

This movie has such a ripple effect of goodness...let it flow and create a tidal wave!!!  Check this link out 

Who do you know who is a teacher to share this with? As Earth Day approaches and Bully seems to me to be the perfect movie to debut in this spring of new life, I believe we are each other's most precious resource on the planet and are the "environment" both most at risk and most capable of saving. And so, yes, I am labelling this post under "environmental impact".

Think action. Think compassion. Make it a kind day. Day after day after day...

You go it!

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