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Abrazos! xox Penny

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two hearts

One of the first sets of dishes I had my then youngster son dubbed “Happy-Sad Plates”. They were the classic Pfaltzgraff pattern “Yorktowne", blue stencil on white stoneware. I am sure you have seen it. Anyway…that is how I feel today. Happy-sad. Really happy. Really sad. 
I have loved every minute…every second of my four month stay here in New York. From the very purpose of it to the extras that came along, it has fit me like a glove. I am very fortunate that New York is my home away from home. Both kiddoes and now their children and my mom live here. And before them, my grandparents and great-grandparents and so on. Places I go to now as a 60 plus year old, I went to as a 6 month old. A big chunk of my heart and soul, my history and future live here.

I hate leaving. The only thing that saves me is that in the yin and yang of things, leaving creates another opportunity to come back. Also in the yin and yang of things, I find both profound peace and energy here. When stressed, between bites of soothing chocolate, I either close my eyes and envision or actually look out over the most peaceful scenes ever…the faces of my children and their children or the farmlands and the waters of Long Island’s North Fork. All positively melt away stress. The beach at Bootlegger’s Alley is pure solace. It knows my joys and sorrows better than any place on earth.

By the same token, I have never felt such energy and possibility walking the streets of New York City and Brooklyn. The scenery is always changing, bustling, pulsating with good, creative Life Force. Give me a street to walk and I am a happy gal. Looks like someone else with my name loves it, too.

Don’t get me wrong. I do love where I live. But I am a Pisces…symbolized by two fishes…and not knowing much at all about astrology, I take it to mean, I have two hearts, a back up one for when I need it. Like today. Leaving my children, their precious babies and my mom will be dreadful and my emotions will be on overdrive. One heart will really hurt. 

Good luck to the person who is my seatmate on the plane. 

P.S. I am also happy that I have stayed really well despite living out of a suitcase, more or less, for four months and at times, being beyond exhausted. What I have been doing and eating works and I am so glad it has!


  1. I loved those happy/sad plates! Do we still have them?

  2. Miss you, too! Bunches!!! Yes, I am sure I have them or at least a couple of pieces. They were fun and you sure did love them! oxoxo