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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I had planned to share something else today but this seems more timely. The movie "Bully" was released in theaters nationwide last Friday.

I excitedly wrote about this film earlier because my son and his friend wrote the soundtrack. Beyond the "mom moment" however, I was also excited that this critical subject was being talked about up front and center on the big screen. I feel this is a movie everyone should see.

However, there are a couple of problems here. First, it was originally weirdly rated "R" and so the very essence of going to the movie was impossible for the most vulnerable, the very age group that needs to see it and the "R" rating may have put off some parents. Hard to believe given the very violent nature of some "family" movies. Now, thanks to lots of effort, including petitions, it is unrated. However, the second problem is Bully is available in "limited " release. I cannot go see it yet in my hometown. Ugh. Maybe it is coming? I will have to find out.

For more on this movie, go here Bully and then here Bully review. Please go see it if you can...send a message that important topics are as worthy (if not more so) for "general" release as some of the utterly mindless, violent films that are out there and marketed to our families as "must- see" entertainment.

If all else fails, read the links and at least have a conversation about bullies. On this Women and Wednesdays, please help your family become bully-proof.

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