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Abrazos! xox Penny

Friday, February 24, 2012


The babies are doing great! Both are beyond the newborn stage and are smiling, focusing their sweet eyes, cooing and acting well, like babies. Their cheeks are amazing. Like butter. Let’s see…which cheek needs a kiss? Smooch. Now, I gotta kiss the other. Double smooch. Oh, and let’s do one more just for fun! And then another. 

The days pass like the wind. I am dreading what one day soon will bring. I have to leave.

But until I do, there are still lots of kisses to plant and if you are like me, you are very concerned about the news reports of lead in most all lipsticks (Maybelline is the worst!). Let me now if you want your smooches to be non-toxic. Trulynon-toxic, not tauted as “natural” yet full of bad stuff. I have the “goods” for your lips! Email me ( and I will help you with lip glosses, lip balms and lip color.
Non-Toxic Kisses for Everyone!

While on the topic of “lip-smacking”, take a look at what my sweet DIL fixed for dinner the other night…a luscious tomato and chickpea stew served over orzo. So flavorful, so pretty!

She is an amazing cook. Everything she makes tastes so fresh. Alas, though, she is an intuitive cook...just knows what works and so there is really not a recipe for this, just suggestions. Here is what went into this delicious dish...

A new "kid" on the chickpeas, no can and look...
Zoom in and cheer...low sodium, high fiber! Sweet!

Chickpea Stew over Orzo

To tomatoes, either fresh, canned yourself or from a non BPA-lined can, like Eden Organics, add fresh herbs of choice like rosemary. Heat and reduce until the mix is stewlike, not soupy, and then add chickpeas, either cooked yourself or this new find. Serve over orzo. Garnish with fresh flat leaf parsley and slivers of garlic, sauteed until they are crispy. Vary the amount of chickpeas from little to lots depending on if this is a main vegetarian dish or you are serving another dish along with it, say a lovely salad with goat cheese. Just wonderful! 

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