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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rosemary for Remembrance

I have a lovely rosemary bush in my backyard. It is a stand out in my yard...for many reasons including the fact that I moved it a little late one year and although it was clearly upset, it made such a splendid comeback. Now it is about 4 feet in diameter and covered in new life. A stellar beauty.

This whole week I am sprinkling rosemary on everything. It is the herb of remembrance.

I am remembering many this week as it is our town's Race for the Cure and I am choosing to remember them with something green, so fragrant and so hearty that it breathes new life into every dish I have prepared. It is an herb that stands out and that is how I want to remember those on my heart. As stand outs. As stellar beauties.

I am also using rosemary to remind myself that I have a choice every day about how I live. The choices I make make me and I have more power to choose than I sometimes give myself credit for or use.

For me, the only color of the race for any cure is green. A beautiful color. Worth exploring in its fullness. Worth remembering. Worth running that race every day for the new life it gives.

And, at the end of the day, a nice long soak is perfect...

Rosemary Rejuvenating Bath

Fill tub with warm, not too hot, water and several handfuls of epsom salts. Stir the water up to dissolve them.Toss in several sprigs of fresh rosemary and, if you've got it, a few splashes of rosemary essential oil.  Slip quietly into the silky, fragrant water and soak away the day and get ready to welcome the next. Green...peace of health, green...peace of mind.

Happy Women and Wednesdays.

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