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Monday, October 24, 2011

Cruising the Mother Ship

Oh we are talking and walking, I am right in front of the mother ship...

And from here, it is just a short 50-60 block stroll to Economy Candy to load up on Halloween goodies. Wonder of wonders...It's almost Halloween!

Have a Happy Monday and make it meatless. "Meatless" is definitely part of the race for life. Need a recipe? Our whole blog is full of de-lish meatless salads, entrees and tips! Go grab your black kettle and stir up something "good and green" for tonight. I will be making a simple lentil soup that cooks up in a flash.

Lightening Bolt Lentil Soup

Wash and pick through 1 pound bag of lentils. Add to a pot with 7 cups of filtered water. Toss in herbs of choice. I add bay leaves, a sprig of rosemary or heaping teaspoon of other herbs, some salt, fresh pepper and red pepper flakes for a little punch. Feel free to flavor the broth as you like it...spicy or aromatic. Bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat and let simmer for about 45 minutes or until tender. Towards the end of cooking time, add in whatever soup veggies you like and let those cook until tender. Makes a very hearty soup, almost like a stew. You can add more water if you like a brothier soup. Here is what mine looked like and of course, not an eye of newt or bat wing in the mix...

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