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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More than just fire

It is hard to say all I felt about 9/11 and the 10th anniversary on Sunday, especially with almost my whole family there now and the new threats that arose. But I wonder can we come so close together to mourn and honor and then step away so far apart to live?

I watched a lot of the ceremonies and also a documentary on the firehouse nearest the World Trade Center. Two film makers chronicled the journey of a young man for his first summer as a firefighter, which included being a trainee on 9/11. Did any of you see it? When walking around NYC, I pass by several firehouses and am struck by how young most of the men are. Young. Very young.

In the documentary, among many other things, it also showed a lot of firemen cooking and serving up huge meals in the firehouse. As a matter of fact, before 9/11, the film makers wondered if this was going to be a more of a cooking show than a film about firefighting.

In Shelter Island, the firehouses hold a special place in my heart. As one of the commissioners, my dad was very helpful in unifying the two houses there so they could work more efficiently together. Every summer there are fundraisers, both full-blown, cooked-by-the-firemen barbecues. I got to go to one this year. As usual, the firemen at the grill and local corn were sublime. There is nothing like Long Island's corn...North Fork varieties preferred!

This Red, White and Food shout-out is to all firefighters for their bravery, dedication, service and yes, for their love of cooking.

Thank you.

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