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Monday, September 12, 2011

Stormin' through to Fall

It is kind of hard to know where to start...or rather pick up where I left off. Such a month! Like most, I have had enough of summer storms, 100 degree temps, hurricanes et al. Fall...are we there yet? Bring it on!

One of the "better" days!

While in New York which is normally such an empowering time for me, I was powerless a lot, literally, and my well-intentioned neighbors offered to share their internet but the router was in their basement. Not a great place during all the rain from Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. Then, we all lost power. Even the well-wired/backed-up/go-to library...which was crushing. I took a hint and took a break.

During the hurricane, I cooked a lot on a camp stove and it will be a while until I eat scrambled eggs or drink instant coffee again although it was waaay better than I remember. And those LED lights? Champs when you need them but, ouch...strong and eye-piercing. My troubles were mostly ones of inconvenience and some selfish frustration that on top of everything else I had to do during this trip, I had to "do storms" as well instead of having the time to take the rejuvenating walks and "ferreting" adventures I love.

Very minor annoyances. My heart and healing thoughts go out to all those who suffered loss.

The couple of days I was actually in NYC, it also poured. I mean poured, and so I did not get a chance to refresh myself there either at most of my usual haunts or go prowling for new ones. However, I did learn a lot...protect your health and strength! Love your neighbor. I thought today it would be appropriate to both say "Hi! Remember me? I missed you!" and to share some stress-calming foods....just in case there's another storm brewing!

First of...avoid all red meats (you knew that was a given, right?) and as much dairy and sugar as possible. Very inflammatory. Who needs more cortisol?! The sugar in dark chocolate gets a pass though...manna...and so does the ice cream that is thawing. Eat it up...two to three scoops minimum! It helps a lot to crank your freezer up to high when you know the storm will hit. I am sure I got an extra day or two of "cool-th" because of that tip. Also, wrapped Mom's freezer in a sleeping bag. We certainly weren't getting much shut eye!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner 'til it thaws!

Eat lots of veggies, especially leafy green ones, beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa and beans of all kinds and berries, too. I mainlined hummus and almond butter. It all seemed to work and I was amazed at how "calm" I felt. Many of these would be a snap to throw on a charcoal grill, too, and much more flavorful than the ole camp stove...although I felt very fortunate to have it!!! 

Hope you all are well! Anyone else have some thoughts?!

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