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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get that "F" word off your chest!

For some reason, I got on a Coco Chanel jag while I was in New York and read three books about her. Fascinating woman.

One of the most pertinent things to what I do and share here is the story of Chanel #5 "coming to America". It seems her business partners (this was in the 1930's) did not want to use the real essential oils from Grasse, France. Instead, to mass market it more effectively ($) in the United States, they went to a "fragrance" plant in Hoboken, New Jersey, and matched the fragrance synthetically, with chemicals they didn't think the American woman would care about having on her skin.

Coco insisted that French women wouldn't wear that industrialized stuff. Her business partners assured her we Americans would. And we did. And furthermore, Europe bans over 1300 chemical additives; the US bans just 9 and so it was truly an open opportunity for the mix masters. Unbelievable to me what we didn't know and how we were marketed to with lesser quality, synthetic vs. real goods. I have always loved Chanel fragrances. Wonder what they are real-ly like?

Moving forward...

Of course, we know now that "F" word, "fragrance" is where legally, over 600 chemicals can hide, many of them really harmful...hormone disruptors, allergens, immunosuppressors, etc. And so, here is the thought for Women and Wednesdays...get that F word off your chest, your arms, legs, face and eyes, too....and check out all your lotions and creams. Especially those that go on your children, from infants on up. Oh, and teens. Eeek. Keep them out of the mall sprays-of-perfume-in-every-store!!

Have a keen eye and check your products for the word "Fragrance". If you find it and you will on gobs of products, if I were you, I'd toss those products. I can help you replace them with yummy alternatives that are truly safe and nourishing for your skin and for your family. Just ask! To keep your eyes even sharper, I have a new Eye Cream to share with you, too, without harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrance, of course! Fragrance around the eye area is a real NO! Just email me and I will help you! oxo

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