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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Water-Loving Action...Party On! were right. The word I should have used in yesterday's post was "trending". Thanks to those of you way more fluent in techno-speak than I am for pointing that out. I was happy this morning to see it had fallen to number 8. Keep on tumbling down, down, down...

Today, I would like to tell you about my backyard. It is alive with sounds...raucous ones. Birds, bees, dogs, kitties, squirrels. There is a small pond in our yard and about 9 brave goldfish. About 5:00, Happy Hour begins out there and the frogs start showing up. There used to be so many that they would hop on down the sidewalk, into the grass and make their way over to the pond.  Party time. Frogs are party animals at heart and can be extremely noisy. At night, they can actually be a little annoying...their sounds are really amplified in the night air. No complaints here though...means we are doing something right.

This frog is from Long House

The reason I am bringing all this up on Women and Wednesdays is because of a post a reader shared with me yesterday...about frogs and how our gummed-up water supply is killing them. Her facebook post was "Just Say "No " to Poisoning our Water". Yes, let's.

How? What can you do? For starters, change your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and hand soap to the ones I offer here. Everything here is always without petroleum and without harmful chemicals. Our company has won recognition for its efforts to keep both us and the water supply clean and healthy, too!

We use a million, yes 1,000,000 gallons of shampoo and conditioner in the U.S. every day. Most of those formulas contain polluted petroleum-based oils and waxes, plant extracts that are full of herbicides and pesticides, emulsifiers, volumizers, etc. etc. I did a "Detox Your Locks" party for a salon awhile back and printed out the list of the chemicals used in a popular shampoo...72 pages of chemicals. Sadly, I could not turn off the printer. Such a waste. OMG. Where do they go? You guessed it. Most go right back into our water supply and become life-threatening to the wildlife that lives there. Who's lives are threatened next? Ours.

I agree completely with her headline and the link she provided is full of actions on behalf of all wildlife. Yes, let's say "no" to poisoning our water supply. For those ready to commit, I will give you a special discount on our "Save Our Water" me,  and I will put together a water-loving kit for you! Party on, froggy friends!

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