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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For A Happy, Healthy, Safe Summer...

Just when I thought it was safe to take my eyes off the toxic sludge ball for a moment, while I brushed my teeth...I saw this. Number one hit "trending" on Yahoo's search engine this morning...not "summer solstice" which is today, but "Fried Kool-Aid Balls".

Now, being the optimist, I hope people are curious because this is just so incredibly foul and they are checking it out to make sure they know what not to eat this summer. What not to feed their precious children who, The Centers for Disease Control says, are already facing fewer, less healthy summers than they could in part because of all this chemical soup...made cute and colorful, fatty and sweet, so kids will use and eat these products. For sure, you will not find the recipe here. Don't even go there. It belongs in the annals of Red White and Bad. Seriously upsetting.

And so, it gives me great pleasure to give this Red White and Food shout-out this morning. And I want to thank my son, Christian, for sending it to me. Now this is the way for families to increase the number of summers they share...healthier, happier ones, truly ones with more carefree, sunny days together. Thanks, sweetie. xoxox 

Click summer of your life and enjoy. Great job, Aspen! 

Also, please keep the safety of your sweet pets in mind...plenty of water and shade. There was  this article in our paper today. You can bet I will be checking up on this with my vet.

Here's to a happy, healthy Summer for all!

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