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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Searing memories

Yesterday I was in the grocery store and saw a gal checking out at one of those DIY checkout kiosks. Her back was to me and even with sunglasses on, I winced at the sight of her sunburn. She was literally purple. Brought back a lot of painful memories. She looked kind of like this stock photo...

I was part of the baby oil and iodine generation. But you have red hair you might be thinking...what were you doing out in the sun? Frying myself until I blistered. Trying in vain to get that California Glow the Beach Boys sang about and made all us Northern gals long to have.

I would even sit in a tin foil "house" to reflect even more sunlight on and into my skin. Starting in March, while all my friends went to Florida, I went to my backyard with yards and yards of Reynolds Wrap and cardboard. I also used sun lamps to clear up my face in time for the weekend. Oh, mercy. If I only knew then what I know now. 

Sunscreens were awkward then...heavy and thick, smelly and weird fake flesh colors. No one used them. Now there are tons on the market and if you have been reading all the articles about how harmful some of them they contain ingredients that increase skin cancer risks, can create their own chemical burns and expose little ones (and adults!) to a host of harmful chemicals their little bodies don't need, you are probably really concerned.

Sticking to my promise to you, I have found a sunscreen without harmful chemicals, with an SPF 30 plus, no nano-particles (HUGE safety factor) and made with just 6 lovely ingredients, organic and fair-traded to boot. Interested in having some safe fun in the sun? Let me know and I will get you some. Please, whatever you do...don't leave home without it! Practice safe dermatologist is over-booked!!! xoxo

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