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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eyes and Mouth Wide-Open, Travel Plans in Hand

Today I am wide-eyed. Yes, it is in part due to my annual eye exam and those dilating drops (go get your annual exam scheduled!!!) but also because of an article in the news.

You know those travel totes I talked about last week? They were a big success and so much fun to do. At that time...travelling was on my mind...making it safe, convenient and healthy.

Then, I saw this article in the news. Pediatricians: Toxics Endanger Kids Health (link is at end of post)

Read it over and over. I am beyond THRILLED that The American Academy of Pediatrics is speaking out about this and how they hit hidden ingredients and trade "secrets" HARD. Think about it. Some of the very most toxic products target the very most vulnerable: our children and they are manufactured by our most "trusted" brands.

This is a hugely BOLD statement put out by the AAP. Can it be we are turning the corner and having the issue of "Yes, there are toxic chemicals everywhere in almost every household product. Let's "say no!!" to those hazardous "natural" products and detox our families!" going mainstream??!!

Very exciting. I realized several months ago that just teaching people healthier options to eat was the tip of the toxic iceberg (ugh...please don't eat iceberg lettuce either!) and that also cleaning up "skin food" was a key element in getting health to a new place. I love doing "food" parties and get-togethers and sharing all I have learned about the safety of personal care products. 

And that's the trip I am on every day. Sharing what I know to help guide people toward choosing safer options.

This week I am offering those totes again...complete with a free set of BPA-free bottles. What are you out of...Shampoo? Conditioner? Shower Gel? Toner? Lip Balm? Everything I offer is family-friendly and budget conscious! Email me, and I can put together your Travel Tote. Where are we going? On a new health journey!! I have your itinerary ready!

Who do you know who can join us? Most vulnerable to this sea of harmful chemicals: you, those recovering from cancer or other illnesses, pregnant women. children, men (their "manly" stuff is really harsh), the elderly (skin is very thin and dry) anyone and everyone who wants a better future, today! 

Thank you to The American Academy pf Pediatrics for sounding off! I am listening and taking action! Read the article

Then take action by emailing me.

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