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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You have no idea

how tempting it was to think about hopping on that horse...just for a moment. I was soooo, soooo close. I mean within footsteps. Just for a moment...who would mind? The saddle looked a little intimidating. I rode the English kind. Maybe that's what stopped me? Gosh...sweet thing. I rode lots of palomino ponies in "my day". My beloved Topper was a skewbald kind of like this one

...such a lovely pal. Nothing like the bond young girls have with a horse. Anyway...

There was something else in that square that was also really tempting that I hope you will enjoy today...a really yummy piece of bread. Whether its sweet bread, sourdough bread, gluten-free bread or fully-loaded bread...go grab yourself an honest to goodness loaf. And thank the baker! Look at these pix...such a beautiful little bakery! 

Here is a Red, White and Food shout-out to all bread bakers who do it right! Yum!

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