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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TV worth it's salt

It is always fun to travel and especially to a market that carries the fabulous show, The Doctors. It is on daily, on CBS, but unfortunately, does not show on our local CBS affiliate in my hometown. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why.

The Doctors is full of "no holds barred" information backed by a "fresh foods/nutrition first" approach. Four doctors covering specialties ranging from ER to OB/GYN to pediatrics and cosmetic surgery tackle every and any health issue with the mantra...information/education can empower you! Is the information always easy to hear and to talk about? No and they put it out there anyway.

We are at the point in our personal and national health crisis that silence is the silent killer and just talking about some of these things could change one person's life. Then, another's.

Here is a link to a show I watched last week that addressed one of my pet peeves: salt and processed foods. Anyone who has attended one of my cooking classes knows that, in addition to "Where's the beef?", "Where is the salt?" is a popular question! Both are noticeably absent.

Anyway, this episode launched a campaign I hope you all will embrace...Halt the Salt. Check out this link: . It also had a moving appearance by Magic Johnson and a candid discussion of his journey with HIV. You can watch the show online, too, and there is also a book available with tons of advice.

This The Red, White and Food post is for The Doctors! Thanks for keeping things fresh and out in the open!

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