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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Puppers' Supper

I never thought I would write about what the pups ate but something happened last week to change all that and it is a perfect thing to share on Meatless Monday. Please, though, consult with your vet before doing what we did and a warning...what follows is not a very appetizing topic!

Our dogs have trouble with their anal sacs clogging up and becoming painful and sometimes infected. It is miserable for those sweet babies and was becoming very upsetting all around. To keep infections at bay, I had to take them in to be checked very six weeks or so and the trip to the vet alone wore them and me out emotionally and physically. 

In December, they started eating the food pictured above, an all vegetarian blend. For snacks, I still give them "cookies", usually Paul Newman's little treats and for special occasions, whip up a batch of almost famous "pupcakes". I took one of our pups in last week, just to check up on things because I realized we hadn't been there all winter...since our last visit in early December. Guess what?! No troubles at all after three full months and everything in the sacs looked great. My vet and I are thrilled they are so much more comfortable and that something is definitely working.

If you have this problem with your sweet pups, consider talking it over with your vet and trying out an all veg food.  Here is some more information on our pups' choice:

For regular little treats, I also give them this mix...

Pups' Snack Mix

Mix equal parts of frozen green and yellow beans (sliced into 1/4 inch slices for small pups), frozen peas and small cubes of frozen, baked sweet potatoes or winter squash. Give them little bits of this mix as a special treat. Ours gobble this up!

I also use frozen green beans as pill holders...they are the perfect shape to stuff a little pill in and in one gobble, even the most bitter pill to swallow is down the hatch!
Anyone else out there have a pup snack?

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