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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About Face

My mom just turned 88 and today she is getting one of her birthday gifts. She is getting a special treat: a facial...her first ever. I am so excited!! She is in pain 24 hours a day but today, she gets an hour of comfort and joy! Pure bliss. We leave in about an hour. Soooo excited!

It was tempting to do a DIY for her at home but what do I know about giving a facial? Nothing. People go to school for weeks, months to learn how to do them safely and effectively and I wanted her to have the best with a professional in charge.

Check out the cool picture here:
and then another one on this link:

Your face has so many muscles, such delicate and varied tissue and I wanted all hers in the hands of a professional estetitian. We will be gone all was a little challenging finding a place with handicapped access for her. It would be nice if more salons and spas considered that level of comfort for their guests who need it and let it be known. Lots of spas have stairs and no elevator which is impossible for us. I found a great one, though, with ground level treatment rooms and so we are off!

For this Women and Wednesdays, consider putting your face in the hands of a real pro!

P.S. There is a cable channel that airs The Doctors in my home viewing market. Here's the scoop from Carla (thanks!)..."channel 42 (it may be 38, I'm not sure) on weekday mornings at 8.a.m" and today's show is on toxins!!

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