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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hair Affair...Practice Safe Suds!

These signs are from a fun salon on the LES in New York. However, there is more to hair than just good (or naw-tee!) looks.

Did you see the news last week? There was a feature on CBS about a doctor in San Franscisco who ran toxicology tests on her pregnant patients. What she discovered was that 99% (!!) had at least 43 hazardous chemicals in their systems...

University of California San Francisco:

Researchers found pregnant women are literally walking around in what they call a "chemical soup," they're contaminated by dozens of potentially dangerous chemicals.
 Dr. Tracy Woodruff of UCSF says they found pthalates, DDT, polychlorinated biphenyls. Her team, analyzed blood and urine samples from hundreds of pregnant women across the country, looking for chemicals ranging from pesticides to heavy metals.
According to Woodruff 43 of these chemicals were found in virtually all the women. And that could mean repeated exposures for a developing baby. Another added concern is the mix of so many different chemicals at once.

Other tests have indicated that newborns arrive into this world, pre-polluted, sometimes with close to 300 chemicals embedded in their new bodies. That to me is absolutely stunning, but no surprise.

The doctor featured gives her patients this advice: watch your food, watch your personal care products...that is how the "chemical soup" is coming into your body...

and that is what Our Green Table focuses on cleaning up! I consider everything going in or on your

And so, let's get busy cleaning up...from your head to your toes. Safe suds only.
Whether your hair is straight

or curly, practice safe suds!

I will be a guest at Green Earth Pharmacy on Tuesday, January 25th showing off the free from harmful chemicals shampoo and conditioner that I love and feature here. Multi-use, "head to toe" safe products, I have found they are also make a great shower wash and after-shower lotion. Please join us from 6-7 to check these out...everyone who orders will receive a free $14 product and I am also having a drawing. In addition to the haircare products, I will be serving organic wine. Bring a pal...and be thinking about those friends with kids, are pregnant or have health challenges! Let me know if you plan to come so I know how much organic wine to bring. You can email me:

Here is what some clients are saying: "I LOVE LOVE this line and am so thankful that you introduced it to me!"

"My husband and I both love the new shampoo and conditioner! Thanks!"

Here is a link to the event:

If you really cannot come, let me bring a "Practice Safe Suds" (hair and skin) party to you! Email me. Long problem!

Next week, I am sharing a response a reader got after writing Avon...

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