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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Locked and Loaded

Yesterday was a little strange, in a wonderful way, because three people stopped me to say how nice my hair looked and asked what I used on it. I thought I would share the picture of what they saw (the results of my haircare search!) and make a few comments...many women who read Wednesday's Women and Wednesdays posts have hair issues. I certainly do. Lots of guys do, too. Here is a look:

Now, while this may not look like a "good hair" day to some, it is...a remarkable one. I have been using the new shampoo and conditioner and at first, I was concerned that soft, happy, shiny locks were only going to be for straight-haired gals. That is usually the story. If you know anything about the struggles of curly hair, you know that most shampoos leave a dulling film of wax (usually petroleum based), are too heavy and weight the curls down, are too waxy and gummy and cause the curls to clump or too drying and cause...geez...more frizz.

And so, this new shampoo and conditioner amaze and delight me and my hair! My curls are merry, soft and low and behold, shiny.  I shouldn't be so surprised, though...once the toxins and sludge are out, what's left is great hair and scalp food. And, no more worries about what's dribbling down my back and into my eyes and ears.  Ick. That in itself is especially important for teens, kiddos and anyone who washes their hair in the shower. This line is totally cruelty-free (for you, me, all animals and the environment) as well as gluten-free. Huge.

You, too, can have lustrous locks in time for the holidays. Let me know if you want to try some and I will help you out. It also works on sweet little babies so you don't have to worry about the lack of safety in J&J products! Send me an email , or use this link to shop. Go to "products" then "shop".

Remember, if you do use the link, I cannot get you free shipping and you will not be in the contest for the free brush set and other freebies. Such a shame. Best to email and take full advantage!!

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