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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yes, I confess. I am a Street Walker.

Well, a street walker of sorts, at least here in New York. Strolling down every street I can find, I am in my essence. There are not enough hours in the day or enough streets. Whenever I ventured into New York from Dad's spot in paradise, he would always ask me, a little gruffly, too, "Why the **** are you going into New York?" "Because I love walking the streets, Dad!" As you can imagine, that answer was a little unsettling for him.

Anyway, I love New the food, the smells, the nooks and crannies on and off the beaten path, the people, the bodegas, the music, the parks, the Bowery Ballroom, the Willamsburg Bridge, the green markets, the subway, the museums, the vintage shops, the architecture, the dogs, the glitz, the grunge...everything. Oh, I Ieft out the cupcakes.

Each time I go to New York, I walk to "discover" another neighborhood. Have I ever gotten lost? Sure, for hours. And gotten on the subway going the wrong direction many times. But I always find a friendly face to set me straight. "Oh, Lady, you're going the wrong way! You gotta go 20 minutes that way" and I quickly learned 20 minutes for a New Yorker equals about 40 minutes for me. Those New Yorkers can move it!

I have found lots of treasures on my walking adventures. There is a hardware store near where my kids live and I swear, it looks just like the one in Saturday Night Fever. Each time I walk past there, I expect to see John Travolta strutting his stuff. Note to self: might not be the strut I expect. We are about the same age now.

This short trip I am heading back to mainly the LWS and 'em. Here are a few treasures found on quick trip today from Brooklyn to the lower villages...

If I had the means, I would buy this old beauty. I bet I have walked by it a hundred times...

and turn it into this

or this

Look at this one...can you imagine how many feet have stepped on that stoop? Some fabulous people and their stories have passed through those doors, I bet.

Here is a picture of a luscious lunch (I will be sharing the recipe for it!) and some other favorite sights.

As you can see, there is something for everyone's taste!
I am going to hit some more streets tomorrow and I just heard about a pie shop called Pies and Thighs...with that name, it is a must see!

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