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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Re-uttering a Four Letter Word

No...not that one nor that one. But this one, S-O-A-P. I haven't used it since I would guess, the mid-90's. Don't get me wrong. I am clean as a whistle but I just haven't gotten clean using soap.

What caught my eye about re-uttering the soap word was an article in The New York Times a weekend or so ago, called "Raising the Bar". That and my always bulging suitcase when I travel which I am about to do at 5 a.m. tomorrow. Waaay to early! I have got to quit giving cheap air my business.

Anyway, the article talked about a plant-based, no petroleum, no tallow, no animal testing soap bar that was "ridiculously good for the face, hair and body". That got my attention! I am up for some ridiculous fun and bought a bar of this luscious coconut soap at Whole Foods. One little 2x3 item will do it all, apparently, and so the other cool thing is that all the bottles lined up like soldiers beside my suitcase will get to stay home. I am giving it a try...face, body and Dennis, if you are reading this...should I go for the hair option, too??

Oh, and more ridiculous bliss. This soap smells divine...good enough to eat or with a little paper umbrella and some rum, good enough to drink. Just add water.

Despite the complaints about the early hour to leave tomorrow, there are more than a few fabulous perks. Here is who I get to see for a New York minute or two.

Son Christian and DIL Resh 

Birthday Boy Sam and daughter Lissa

Maybe even the cousins, Sheel and Sohil

and for sure, grand-dog Miss Allie!
Grand-cat, Roger, is your dance card full?

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