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Monday, May 10, 2010

Green eggs and no ham

I am jammed today. I help with an after school cooking class and won't be getting home until later than usual. Can you believe how late kids are in school? It is also Meatless Monday and wanted to share with those of you participating in MM what I am going to have for a quick, really quick dinner. The secret's in the sauce.

Many of you have asked if my cold turkey (ugh, not the best choice of words there) change to being meatless every day has been easy. No, not those first few days and I actually thought about chronically my withdrawal. Are those lamb chops I smell? Who's cooking out? I am a big eater and meat was right there prominently on the plate, not every meal but most. But, that nagging question in Eating Animals demanded an answer and the choice to become a vegetarian was mine. 

Over five months have passed and it is lots of fun learning new things and tasting new flavors and textures. Also, my blood worked is great as promised. But, the skinny thighs also promised by some popular books out there? Uh. no. Haven't seen 'em yet.

I am shocked how many flavors I missed before. Really, lots. I think eating meat dulled my palate. It is also very exciting that there are many roads leading into a well-balanced veg meal and I don't have to scarf down a lot of tofu and soy stuff. I am warming up to tofu, but all those processed soy things? Wolves in sheeps' clothing. Anyway, I am so happy I made this decision, both for my own reinvention and for all the environmental, health and animal welfare benefits.

Here is what I will be having tonight. Probably with a salad or some wilted spinach, some tortillas with black beans, avocado and salsa. But, the secret to the meal is in the sauce...that and really fresh eggs.

Green Eggs and No Ham

Cook two fresh leggs in a frying pan however you like them. I gently "fry" mine and when the whites start to set, I cover the pan and let them sort of steam until the yolks are cooked to a set but still somewhat runny stage. The eggs will be beautiful...what my mom calls Pink Eggs.

Get your blender ready to whip up Magic Green Sauce and toss in:

1/4 cup parsley leaves (I always seem to have parsley leftover and prefer the flat-leafed variety. Cilantro is great here, too.)
1/2 to 1 whole serrano or jalapeno pepper, seeded
1 large garlic clove
1/2 to 1 teaspoon sea salt
2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

Blend until well mixed. Start off with 1/2 pepper for less heat and add in extra pepper and garlic to taste. Salt, too. I don't like a lot of salt. Drizzle on lots of stuff...eggs are only the beginning. 

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