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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I love horses, but

Not this one...

This Trojan Horse embodies the Personal Care Products Council, a "safety" board set up with representatives from the largest corporations within the personal care/cosmetic industry. In other words, an internal source for "Yes, that's safe to use! No need to reformulate!". That's the bad news...

The great news today is that a bill is actually before Congress about cosmetic safety!!! It's only taken 30 years!!  Congress "also decided not to attach the industry cosmetics bill to a fast-moving must-pass FDA-related bill" thanks to a flood of phone calls and letters from informed and concerned consumers "demanding that any cosmetics safety bill must lead to meaningful reform that... protects consumers, workers and your right to know what’s in the products you use. "

The wrong horse is attached to the cart. Please read the link below and contact your representative. It's Women and Wednesdays, let your voice be heard. Let's do this right, get rid of the harmful ingredients putting our present and future at risk and not be lulled into "safety" by the cosmetic giants and their lobbyists. Remember that you and your family use, on average, 14 products a day!!! And our littlest ones are the most at risk.

See what you think...

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