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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chew on this...

I am always pretty focused here on Women and Wednesdays on "skin food" products and ingredient awareness. Today is going to have a little different focus: soul food.

While it is really important to watch what comes in on your fork and through your skin, I feel it is also really important to feed your soul well and that one cannot be truly "well" without that which nourishes the soul.  As a little girl, "soul food" for me was two things: horses and the sea. Good grief, I loved my horse, Topper. He was my best friend. Look at how we are mirroring each other...

Two peas in a paddock

After he passed out of my life, I always thought I would get another horse...a dapple grey one to be exact. I had big dreams of continuing to ride and show this horse of my dreams. As an adult, I quickly realized that was not going to happen (thank goodness for the constancy of the sea!) and I stumbled upon a quirky substitute. I love goats. They are adorable!

And so, I have taken a particular shine to a new store in town, White Goat. It is in the same retail space where I found the fabulous green table that is Our Green Table (see sidebar for the story on it and look at the background of most of my pictures!).

Charming little white tables

Fabulous white linen bags (I have mine in the bathroom already!)

and looks like this

in shades of this

White Goat is "soul food". It is peaceful, beautiful and inspiring. Furnishings and accessories span every shade of white from grey to deep cream. There are also little touches of aqua, beautiful "sea" things and gorgeous goods that have lots of history...charming bottles from France that look like they have been held by many other hands, rustic fabrics like linen, ticking and burlap and antiques given new life. Dried lavender and rose buds are just waiting for you to scoop into cute fabric bags so you can take some aromatic TLC home. Wonderful art lights up the get the picture. The whole store is a feast for the senses and soul. And so, if you live in Little Rock and need a little '"soul food"...go, and chew on this...

And, follow them on Facebook, too, here:White Goat. Happy, soul-full Women and Wednesdays! What are some of you eating for "soul food" today?

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