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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Back atcha!

Here is a pix of my new home away from home… a “brickstone” rowhouse that will soon be known as “Support Central”.

It is on a quiet-ish street in a predominately Polish neighborhood. A couple of blocks away is a major thoroughfare with every storefront imaginable and it is fun walking there after dark. There are TONS of lights…my goodness, every holiday decoration ever made ever is displayed and the streets are swathed in lights, too. Beautiful swags going all the way across. Really reminds me of the hometown Main Street where I grew up in Ohio. Sweet. Really sweet.

I did manage to find a store with some beautiful Christmas ornaments and pottery from Poland. I love the pottery, seen at right in pix. The patterns are fun, playful and all handmade. There are scads of Polish restaurants, too and I am dying for a pierogi. Wonder which place to go to?? I will have to do a little asking around. There is so much creativity here. One restaurant makes not only all its food from scratch (totally farm to table) but also makes its own hand-thrown dishes!

Only drawback is that it is somewhat far from the two places I go every day. A little farther that I expected, hence Project Posture is an absolute must. Here is the exercise I do…and I swear, doing it and loads more water got rid of a minor backache and major headache, too. Sweet!

Back Bliss Exercise

Stand straight with hands clasped behind back and feet planted about 2 feet apart. Roll shoulders down and back, straighten neck and squeeze shoulder blades together for 2-3 minutes. Breathe slowly and at end, release shoulders. Repeat 2-3 more times or do once a hour if in a "back stressed" situation. (You can also sit in a chair and drape your arms over back of chair, clasp hands together, squeeze, etc.)

Really helped me...felt the pain melting as I squeezed! Yay! Happy Women and Wednesdays!

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