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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shoppers: (Wo)man your Wallets!

Yes, we women are the shoppers in most families. We buy most of the goods whether it is food, bath towels or health care. You know how I like to shop? With a real person. I do love some online sites a bunch...especially for goods that are not in my market and so I don't mean to discredit those. However, I do like to call and talk to a real person when I can.

And, I do love some big stores, especially those with a "real person" presence, too. As I said in Monday's post...I like to know who's making my coffee, my food, my pots and pans, my skincare.

It was with much applause and "WAY to GO!" that I read on article in Sunday's NYT Business Section...about a little town in New York that banned together and sold shares to create its own department store instead of "Big Boxing" it. Love that!

There's magic inside!

And so, this Women and Wednesdays post is about opening the door and feeding your community with your share of shopping dollars. Next Saturday, November 26th is Small Business Saturday. Mark your calendars! What a perfect time to buy from someone you know, from a shop down the street. Even better if they source from individual manufacturers and artists instead of Big Suppliers.

Whenever possible, I like to buy vintage or repurposed goods. I love a good story and have romantic notions about the history of what I am buying. I buy from happy people, in happy shops. Shops that treat both me and their employees well. Even better if they are working towards a more sustainable present and future.

Thanks to what I have learned from my friend Deb, who owns a fair trade store in Savannah, Georgia, Go Fish, I am working hard on asking more questions before I buy something.

Instead of just asking:
"How much is this?" and, if appropriate, "Does it come in orange?"
I always try to find out..."Who made this?" "How is it made and where?" and "What is it made of ?" (for toxicity reasons). For example, I know the made-in-the-U.S., family-created skin care I love sources from 4 women-owned companies, sources organic ingredients whenever available and uses one fair-traded ingredient. I know there are no children harmed to create these products. Those facts are as huge a "sell" for me as the wonderful results I get.

And so, woman your wallets and head out to shop like it matters this holiday season. Because it does.

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