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Monday, November 14, 2011

Morning Joe: Choir Master

Where I have the best Internet is on my sun porch and so I do most of my computer work there. Right outside one of the windows is a dogwood that is home to the sweetest sounding little wrens. Such a lovely little tune they sing. Recently, their song has been growing softer and less frequent. I think they are busy gathering up their goods for the big fly south. Time to have a cup of java in their honor.

As you know, I swear by the Environmental Working Group's research and toxin/safety evaluation of our water, food and personal care products. One change I would ask them to make, however, is to include both coffee and bananas on the "Dirty Dozen" or "Dirty 14" list. For my little birds friends as well as my human friends.

When the birds fly south, they hang out near coffee and banana plantations, many of which are pesticide and herbicide depositories. When migratory birds eat from these poisonous farms, many don't come back or if they do, their song is forever changed.

Organic coffee is still expensive (while lots of other organic choices, due to increased education and demand, have come down in price).  Couple "organic" with another important element, "fair trade" and the best coffee will ring up at $12-$13 a pound or more.  Well, here is a discovery for every coffee budget...Fara Coffee

I bought some recently at Whole Foods (for $8.99 mind you) and loved it. So much so that I actually called the company and thanked them for what they were doing. Love that I can do that and have a human actually answer! They buy from 100 year old farms that have always done the right thing. Awesome. Their website tells the whole story. 

However, I did notice an absence of "organic" certification on the bag. The person I spoke with said that, while always organic, they are in their fifth year of the seven year process to be officially certified. Love that. Think I will have another cup.

Perfect, Song-Filled Java

Start with cold, filtered water and for every 6 ounces of water, use 2 tablespoons freshly ground coffee. Brew as desired and pour into your favorite, made-from-hand mug.

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