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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Minding the Store

of my own well-being this holiday season may seem selfish but it is something I aim to do. I love giving my time to others. The hope that I have helped out in some way and the joy I get from giving feed me well, emotionally and spiritually, but can leave me feeling physically a little worn around the edges.

As a little girl, I was always intrigued by certain gifts my grandmother had in her stash labeled "To me, from me". Those boxes seemed kind of strange at the time. I never really knew what was in them, but now, I have a guess.

I saw this article online about taking time for yourself and the recipe really resonated. I am going to get some little boxes and put these weekly lessons in them. Then, as I am doing things for others, I am also going to open my own "To me, from me" gifts and take ten this holiday season. To restock my store so to speak.

And so, my Thanksgiving and Women and Wednesdays wish for all is that peace is a recipe that also intrigues you, you bring it home, make it and enjoy an abundant serving that fills your plate and feeds you well. Then, you pass peace and its recipe on to all your loved ones, your community and Mother Earth. 

I love this beautiful table from Vogue 2006

and I would add The Peace Rose to it and of course, lots of these

Peace of Well-Being and Happy Thanksgiving!

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