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Monday, November 21, 2011

For the Green Love of It, Sip and See...

How healthy you will be this holiday season! Today is officially the opening day of "Crunch Time". And, although Thanksgiving and Christmas are, by choice, waaay simpler for me than Halloween, there is always lots to do and lots of people to care for...even more this year!

And so, it is really important that I stay well and have fun munching away the days but don't put on too many pounds (easy for me...lifelong battle) or climb up too many sugar highs. Delicious on the way not much on the way down! (I love the actor in Target's wired and hysterical, she looks like she is going to pop!)

This morning I turned to my blender to officially toast the holiday season life-saving green shake, seasonalized with lovely green apples, mint and pomegranate juice. A shake of cinnamon, a little ginger and of course, greens. They aren't just for decorating!! Eat 'em up!

These shakes are a salad to sip on and a great way to build a body up...sip by sweet sip. They are rich in antioxidants that cool inflammation (think anti-aging!) and deliver a big alkaline boost to your body (think healing, think calming!). If you don't want to DIY this shake first time around, go to Whole Foods and ask for their "Trice". Our local Whole Foods juice bartender, Anthony, has a radar, apparently, and knows when I am in the store. He always has a freshly juiced Trice waiting for me and sometimes, even comes to find me and hand delivers it! Thanks, Anthony! Abrazos!

For the Green Love of the holidays, take a sip and get your glow on!

Fall for Greens Shake

1-2 large leaves of green kale (or a big handful of spinach)
quarter sized slice of fresh ginger
several leaves of taste (I like lots)
1/2 frozen banana
1/2 organic green apple
5-6 raw almonds or walnuts
good shake of cinnamon (I also add a good shake of turmeric)
3 ice cubes
pomegranate juice and filtered water or chilled green tea to total about 1/2 cup (you can add more to make it the consistency you like...slushy or juicy)

Toss all into a blender and blend away. Add more liquid to make it thinner if you like. Add protein powder (I have a great one) if you are having this as a meal. Serves 1-2.


  1. What is your protein powder source? Is it Vegan?

    dr garland.

  2. Hi Dr., it is not vegan. It is an organic, undenatured whey. I swear by it and have been using it for 4 plus years and feel that it, along with my "salad"(and not very fruity) shakes have really rebuilt my immune system. Thanks for asking!