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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let's Fill Up the Universe!

I had a completely different thought to share today, until I read my Facebook page. A post took my breath away.

A friend's daughter, my daughter's age, underwent breast cancer surgery yesterday. Oh my.
Oh my.

And so this Women and Wednesdays, I want to share thoughts of good health, no...GREAT health and hope they surround my friend and her daughter.

Here is what I know that is some good news. Every day we have brand new cells...a fresh start in every part of our bodies, minds and hearts. Who knows exactly how cancer starts. But we do know how we can start off our new cells. Feed these "newbies" well and focus a good chunk of your lifestyle on them. 

This holiday season, if you do nothing else, take great care of yourself, your loved ones and educate yourself on how to live "free" of some of the harmful foods, harmful chemicals and harmful thoughts in your life.

I am right here learning all I can along with you and will keep adding recipes and resources. Won't you join me? Let's fill the universe with thoughts and actions for great health. xoxox

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