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Thursday, September 22, 2011

And the Lady is sipping...

On Thursday, I usually talk about beverages. Today, I must confess, I am seriously, seriously into ones especially. I am not sure how it happened but 'em. Sipping one as I write.

There is a favorite at Whole Foods that I am hooked on and am in the process of tweaking here at home. It is called The Trice. Now, before I go any further, for long time readers, these are not the same as my magic protein shakes that I have in the morning. These are quite juices.

If you don't have a juicer or blender and need to come and use my Vitamix...come on over! Certainly, we can make this ourselves. The Trice contains lemon juice, ginger, parsley (don't turn back now!), cucumbers, spinach, celery and carrots with a little extra water to make it juice-y. It has such a great a veggie lemonade. Pull your blender/juicer out and give it a whirl!

Benefits I have noticed...very refreshing, filling, alkalizing and just a couple of these seemed to help me lose some of my water weight from travelling. Celery and cucumbers are both mildly diuretic.You may remember that it took me 2 days to get home recently...two days on and off airplanes which don't agree with me very much on the best of days. Mention a flight and I swell like a toad; add changes in air pressure and poof! An easy 2-3 pounds.

Anyway...try it. Let me you have a favorite juice you like?

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