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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Tonight is the night...time to celebrate the first birthday of my discovering personal care products truly without harmful chemicals! On July 26, 2010, I found this company by accident...trolling around on my computer and thank heaven I did. Such a gift to be able to "green up" as I "clean up" and to save my health and Mother Nature from harm.

This Red, White and Food Shout-out is for Ava Anderson, the young woman herself who jumped off the couch and into action when she learned about the threat to teenagers from all those chemically-rich, perfume and contaminant heavy personal care products she and her family and friends were using. She researched and researched and dug into the "dirt" of what's really in those products and who else was at risk. The list includes all ages, very man, woman and child (even those not born yet!) in the U.S.

Her curiosity spread to ask what was really in those "pure", "safe" and "natural" formulas, too. The answers she got spurred her into more action. In December 2009, Ava's research and work turned into the cutting-edge, first-in-class personal care line...truly without harmful chemicals, of course...that I use daily and rave about here on this blog.

Click here , then "News" for more news articles on Ava. Check out the awards she has won for her environmental work!

Ava embodies vitality and gumption and is a constant reminder to me, on a daily basis, that one person counts. One person can make a huge difference. And, when others join in...why the ripple effect is positively a life force. Thank you, Ava, for your vision, hard work and commitment to making the world a happier, healthier place. xoxox   

Come celebrate with me...yes, there will be cake! Drop by Shoppes on Woodlawn tonight, from 5-8! Each guest will receive my S-AVA card! Party on!

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