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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Step in the Right Direction....

Finally...formaldehyde hits the fan.

Last week the FDA took steps to officially add formaldehyde to the list of known carcinogens.  Found everywhere, you may best know it from the frogs in biology class, nail polish, hair straighteners, particle board, most mass-produced sweat shop creations, etc. etc. Europe is rocking and rolling, protecting its people, with a list of 1342 (and growing) banned chemicals. With its "Hot List", Canada is not far behind Europe. Meanwhile, we check in at less than a dozen.

Feeling a little like we here in the U.S. are standing naked in the toxic breeze? 

Well, just say "know" and get to know what it is you are putting in and on your bodies. Everything on Our Green Table's  site has a 0-1 Hazard Score, essentially as non-toxic as you can get.

Take it from me. As much as I know and care about the cleanliness of the food I eat, I was pretty lax, actually pretty locked into what the trademark said, about my personal care. I am learning something new every day...exciting, healthful, helpful stuff and love sharing it. For those of you who may not want my help, DIY and hang out for a day on It will make you sick...shocked at the very least. The EWG (yesterday's post) does an incredible job rating the hazard risks of thousands of brands and chemicals. Don't see your brand there or all that is up there are "old formulas"? Well, that's a big red light. Run. That company is hiding for a reason. 

Really scary is what is being passed off as safe and who that target market is. Yesterday, I stumbled across a line for kids, really cute, brightly colored packaging with smiling multi-cultural chilldren and cuddly animals, tauting itself as being safe, organic, pure, natural, beneficial...all "those" words that can be so freely tossed around on labels and some of the same ones I had "bought into" before. Well, wiser now, I looked that company up. Scores up to 8 which is red-lighted as High Hazard as in RUN!  Bleech... we wouldn't care or find out, right? Like "cute" trumps "health" or hey..."facts".

OMG...we have lots of work to do raising awareness. Please join's going to take a village...a noisy one. I would love to share with you what I me and let's start talking. The get-together's that I do are informational and fun. I go over some of the risks of toxins in personal care products, share some tools that arm you with knowledge and then help you make choices that are safer...better for you and the planet. Parties that are Good, Clean,and Fun! Let's get together and do this!

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