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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am feeling the heat

Earlier in the month we had some chart topping temperatures here (in addition to the worst set of storms since The Depression). According to my car, it hit 90 plus 3-4 days in early May. I lived through it knowing those days weren't here to stay.

Today is in the mid-80's and I am thinking the grace period is over. Summer has arrived. Holy moly. I am so not ready to be hotter than hot for 4-5 months. Heat and humidity...I am crying uncle.

Actually, I am not...just thinking about it. I am drinking water and for this Thirsty Thursday, it is the Beverage du Jour. I drink filtered water and when travelling, use the EWG's report to find bottled water that is really what it says it is instead of just tap water. The reports are available below.

To make it more fun, I add in lemon and orange slices, cucumber slices and sometimes berries or mint. Just a head's up though, the lemon and cucumber act as mild diuretics and so beware of that and drink more than the 6-8 glasses. Also, with lemon water, because it is initially acidic, drink up instead of sipping on it for hours. According to my dentist, it takes the mouth 20 minutes to return to its proper pH and constant sipping on something like lemon water will throw the body off some and also increase the erosion of your tooth enamel. If you have babies (2 or 4 leggers) be sure they stay well hydrated, too!

Go pour yourself a tall one!

Here are the two reports from the EWG. The one on your home's tap water is here and the 2011 Scorecard for Bottled Water is here.

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