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Monday, April 4, 2011

Who needs a Stress Test?

The Beast

Really. There is a simpler and much more fun way. First, go to NYC and ride the subway. I know I have talked a lot about my love of walking the streets of New York. So much fun. But, to get to them, I have to ride the subway and climb out of the depths, stair after stair after stair, sometimes as many as 3-4 flights. And of course, I just can't take my sweet old time either. I have to go with the flow. New Yorkers are among the most fit people in the country and they can move it. That is when I know what kind of shape I am much thigh burn I experience climbing out of the bowels of the subways stations to land in one piece on the street.  Phew, let there be light!
The Beastly Twin: Almost there!!

Stress Test Part 2 is on Shelter Island. First, I have to lug my body and my bags up from the ferry to my mom's house...about 1 mile maybe. This past week, I had to do it about 9:30 at night in a freak slush storm, with a temp of 20 degrees with gale force winds. Wind chill: 0. Am I having fun yet? Then, the next morning, I go for my walk...have to see the sea from one of my favorite vistas off a dirt road called The Serpentine. To get there, I have to climb up a road dubbed "Divinity Hill". Local lore has it that many members of the clergy lived there. My take is that more than a few "divine" shout-outs occured walking up that hill!! It is one of those climbs that looks innocent, but jeez.
Look so innocent

Just rewards

To keep myself going, I have a traveling version of my green shake. Here it is:

2-3 ice cubes
3 leaves of kale
half dollar slice of ginger
1 half an orange
1 half a banana
Little bit of water

Blend away and drink up. I also add 2 scoops of protein powder when I have remembered to have some at Mom's. Serves and saves 1.

Fun P.S....the universe always answers. Remember the "Fountain of Youth" beverage from last Thursday? passes a fitting parade...marching towards eternal youth.  Let's fall in line!

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