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Abrazos! xox Penny

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sipping the mood

There are tons of beverages with Mexico's name on them...beers like Leon, Victoria, and Corona, mixed beverages like margaritas or even just straight shots of tequila. There are also delicious Mexican coffees (negro or Cafe con Leche), Mexican hot chocolates and refreshing "Aguas Frutas"..fruit juice and sparkling water blends. Why...look here...I even found a yummy green drink! It's in the upper right corner of this picture of a fab salad I had...

And so, given that it is Thirsty Thursday, grab whatever Mexican beverage speaks to you and let it set the mood. Then, I would like to take you through some doors

Down some stairs

Maybe even down a steep hillside "funicular"

Until we are out on the cobblestone streets and I can show you some cool things...

Until then, relax and enjoy the view and dare I say it...the sunset! Happy Thursday! 

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