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Friday, April 15, 2011

Rescue Remedy on the Menu

If you live where I do, you are pooped this morning. We had some wicked tornadoes and storms roll into town about 2 a.m. Usually I move the pups to an inside corner of the bathroom, but when a "whirling dervish" roared over the house and the power went out, I gathered up the three babes and went into the basement where we stayed huddled for an hour. With all kinds of sirens blaring, the pups were close to hyper-ventilating.

I wish I had had Bach's Rescue Remedy  available for them because cuddles and "You are sweet, good pups. This will be over soon!" was clearly not enough. A friend just this week said how great these homeopathic drops are to settle down storm-scared or nervous pups safely and there is lots more information on the Rescue Remedy website,  Also, think I will get some of the human version. Being holed up in the dark, damp basement with all sorts of unseen creepy-crawlies had me a little less than thrilled as well! While calm in a storm, if I get to thinking about spiders and bugs crawling near me...eeek and double eeek!

We just got our power back and from watching the news, there are trees down everywhere, many schools and roads are closed and many families in mourning this morning over their losses last night. My heart goes out to them.


  1. Thanks for the info. Belle is so traumatized now that she is the only dog & goes into the crate alone - will have to try this.

    It has been a sorrowful day to many families.

  2. Hi Sandy...Yes, it has been. Hope your family is OK and Belle feels better soon. I found Rescue Remedy today at Whole Foods.