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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy on Land and Sea

I got in last night after a "classic" flight...tons of weather delays, no planes available, gate and concourse changes and then the ultimate arrival jetway or ground crew available and so more waiting. Figured that travel times yesterday could have gotten me to Paris with time leftover for dinner at a bistro and a leisurely stroll along the Seine!

Today, I thought I would show you some pictures and wrap up with some tidbits shared by my airplane pal.

Trail of my tears and beautiful sea foam leaving Mom 

Soon, all smiles for the glorious morning and the rest of my family I am about to see!

Happy Family!

Happy Dog-Granddaughter Allie with Christian, Sameer and Reshma

Happy but pooped Allie

Happy Daughter Lissa and Jon

Happy Roger, Cat-Grandson

For a good while yesterday, I sat next to a very interesting man and we talked a lot about our families, health, current events, etc. He lives in California and said that a lot of people there are very concerned about the radiation levels and he was particularly concerned about his joints and inflammation. As you may guess, our converation turned to vegetables. He had read about spinach, kale, leafy dark greens and their anti-infammatory, healing benefits and about meat and its ability to increase inflammation. Starting in January,  he added a double dose of green veggies twice a week to his diet and sharply cut back his meat consumption. He said that within just a few weeks, his joint pain is considerably reduced and his cholesterol is dropping, too!! 

Sea veggies like the ones pictured below from a fabulous meal I had are also really rich in anti-inflammatory nutrients, calcium and potassium chloride, a supplement a lot of people are popping in California. Sea vegetables are well worth looking into and eating, too! And so, this Wednesday, I thought I would share some "'personal care" tips from a new pal. Simply put...whether from land or sea, go green!

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